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Email Sequences They’ll Actually Read

Whether you’re a big ticket B2B software company looking to nurture room temperature leads into clients or a DTC brand trying to maximize revenue — email’s the answer. However, your email marketing’s take-off will be limited by the hooks and copy fueling it.


Of the dozens of email sequences I’ve written, here’s what I can share:

Before you ask, I have sufficient experience writing these kinds of flows for B2B and B2C brands:

  • Welcome Flows

  • Abandoned Cart Flows

  • Browse Abandonment Flows

  • Customer Thank You Flows

  • Because You Clicked Flows

  • Loyalty Rewards Flows

  • Referral Flows

  • Product Refill Flows

  • Upsell/Cross-Sell Flows

  • Winback Flows


… and honestly, probably more. I can’t remember them all.


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