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You Spend Thousands on Advertising

Let’s convert overhead into investment and make more of every dollar spent.

The Refined Science of Sales

Far too many website owners rely on guesswork to gauge how website visitors are interacting with their landing pages. So their conversion rates remain stagnant and their campaign results don’t improve.


Whatta waste!


Given our technology, there’s no excuse for anyone to rely on guessing — especially when their hard-earned money is on the line. That’s why I use heat mapping.

Watch Your Customers Scroll

Heat mapping records your customers’ behavior on desired landing pages. With this information, you can collect invaluable data, like:

  • whether or not they converted

  • how long they spent on the page

  • where they spent the most/least time

  • what buttons/links they clicked

  • where they bounce

This information helps me identify what is and most importantly, what isn’t working on your landing pages. Understanding where these weak links are saves us time determining where to allocate our efforts. They also provide clues as to what your customers are looking for, which can be applied to other areas of your pages.

Constantly Testing For Better Results

Your landing pages can always perform better. Even as little as a 1% uptick can mean thousands more in profits — especially for long-running campaigns.


With the magic of heat mapping, I test everything. Seriously…

  • Headlines

  • Calls to Actions

  • Images

  • Structures

  • Section Placements


… if there’s knowledge to acquire, you bet your ass I’ll figure it out. Then we’ll use that knowledge to refine your page for better results, time after time.

Secure Your Investment

It’s simple. Partner with me for steadily better results. The increase in ROI will more than justify my fees so everybody wins. Book a call with me below to learn more about this service!


Need a Hand With Your Creative Work?

Let's explore your options.

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