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Build a Sturdy Foundation Your Brand Can Stand Tall On

Let me strategically build and position your brand so you can one-up your competition.

Your Brand’s Only as Strong as its Foundation

Countless hours and thousands of dollars worth of resources can be invested into a brand feeling ‘just right’. But without the right structure and position, it’ll all be for nothing.


That’s what makes the initial development and positioning of your brand so important.


Besides, you don’t want to sound like your competition — you want to position yourself as a step-above them. That’s the only way to stand out as not just a solution, but as the ideal solution.


That’s why I take a deep dive into your market and see what we’re up against. From there, I can identify your competitive advantage and integrate it into the core of your brand identity.


But most importantly, I explore the problem(s) your offer aims to solve. That entails a meticulous analysis into your potential customers' minds to gain an in-depth understanding of their struggles so we can pinpoint how we can intercept these pain points with a compelling, concrete offer.


That, in addition to your company’s personal values will make up your brand’s DNA. I use these characteristics and attributes to personify your brand.


I do this by aligning your offer with your position. Based on the intel I gather from market research, I can develop a buyer persona — in other words, an avatar of your ideal customer. 


All future endeavors will work to better understand, then satisfy this avatar. Doing so will ensure our messaging is in sync with their needs, leading to relevant, high-performance marketing and advertising.


If your brand’s foundation isn’t done properly, we’ll be destined for failure. Kinda like building your home on top of mud.


Brand and Development and Positioning includes:

  • a competitor analysis

  • persona research and development

  • mission and vision statements

  • taglines and slogans

Is Your Brand Worth Compromising on?

I’d hope not! Otherwise, your investment will quickly turn into a pitfall. Want to make sure your strategy is aligned and boxes are checked-off? Then let’s talk, we’ve got work to do!


Need a Hand With Your Creative Work?

Let's explore your options.

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