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Ideas That Fuel Success

Profit from concepts and stories that stand out and resonate with your audience.

Powerful Copy Always Starts With an Idea

Some brands offer complex solutions that’re not-so-easy to digest. 


Some brands suffer from “advertising fatigue” and need new ideas to escape declining performances.


And some brands have trouble conveying their value before losing their audiences’ attention.


Regardless of the reason, your brand needs fresh ideas that’ll:

  • grab your audience’s attention

  • quickly convey your value

  • and find a way to stick in their heads


That’s where I come in. Having worked with marketing, advertising and creative agencies around the world, I’ve become a seasoned veteran in turning creative briefs into successful projects. 


But that doesn’t change the fact: you’re too close to your brand and you need a fresh set of eyes on your work. With that in mind, you have two real options here:


Option #1: overspend with an agency and *hope* to get one of their better copywriters (someone like me) working on your account. I’ll cross my fingers for ya!


(hey, they absolutely need those fancy conference rooms and ping pong tables to attract decent talent — so the upcharge is money well spent, right?)


Option #2: minimize the risk with me, have the work delivered on time and on budget and be pleasantly surprised with the results — and save some money in the process!

Gambling is For Stock Trading

Most copywriters come up with arbitrary ideas that ‘sound good’ — at least, they did at the time. This results in a clump of random ideas, leaving you hoping that one hits the mark. But there’s a problem here… you’re essentially throwing shit at the wall, praying it sticks.


That approach is messy. I don’t like it.


Instead, I take a more pragmatic approach to my concepts. See, I start at an abstract level — something that measures an intangible — basically the sprout of the idea. Each concept is attached to a hypothesis, which will give us information, based on its level of success.


So in addition to fresh, interesting ideas, you’re also getting tangible data that you can learn from. So even IF the copy doesn’t perform to my sky-high expectations, you’ll come away with tangible insights you can apply to future advertising efforts.

In other words, we’ll know why something works (or doesn’t) so we not only won’t repeat mistakes — we’ll be able to build upon our successes.

Stale Doesn’t Sell. Or Influence.

So why settle for ordinary? If you want top-shelf results for a modest price, I deliver the best of both worlds. But I’ll need to know a bit more about your brand before I quote you. Book a quick call with me below and we’ll get started soon!


Need a Hand With Your Creative Work?

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